12th ke baad acha career

After completing class 12th, every student wants to choose the right path by which they become successful in his/her life & earn good money. Some students took science subject in class 11th to become Engineer or Doctor while on the other hand, some students took commerce subject in class 11th to become CA or CS and some goes for arts subject. Animation is only the field where you can enroll yourself with any stream background either it is science, commerce or arts from any recognized board. You have no compulsion of choosing the stream or subject to pursuing in an animation course. Animation Boom gives you the best animation course after completing the class 12th.

best animation course

Scope of an Animation Course

After doing animation course you can open many employment opportunities for yourself. The following are the industries in which you can work & show your talent as an animator.

  1. 2D Animator
  2. 3D Animator
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. Web Designer
  5. Layout Artist
  6. Interior Designer
  7. Background Artist
  8. Rigging Artist
  9. Texturing Artist
  10. Advertising & packaging industry
  11. Print Media
  12. E-learning

Courses & the Software offered in Animation Course

  1. Graphic Designing – Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe In design, Coral Draw.
  2. Web Designing – Adobe Photoshop, HTML-5, Bootstrap, WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, J-Query
  3. Interior Designing – 3D’s-Max, Camera, Texturing, Rigging, Walk through, Animation
  4. Maya – Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, Camera, Rigging, Animation

Without animation no industry can run smoothly, efficiently & effectively thatswhy, the demand of animators are increasing rapidly. The animation industry is expected to grow faster than IT industry.

Skills required to become an Animator or for Animation Courses

  1. If you are creative than animation is one of the best career option for you.
  2. To become a good animator, you need to have a good imagination power as well as sketching and drawing skills.
  3. An animator should be able to understand and catch the expressions of not only human beings but also birds, animals, and others.
  4. The skill of the animator lies in how he/she presents the character with appropriate expressions.
12th ke baad acha career
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12th ke baad acha career
best animation course.Animation is only the field where you can enroll yourself with any stream background either it is science, commerce or arts.
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