Which career is best for a child born on 24 July Monday?

Many believe that the month of July in which a baby is born can shape his/her profession according to their own will. Because the child who born between 23rd July to 31st then he or she is a Leo. Leos are confident, loyal & full of charisma, that is why the sign of Leo is represented by the regal lion. Also Monday born children are adaptable, kind, modest, caring, loving & possessive. July born kids are kind, polite & we can say that they are the most understanding people from others. They always pay attention to others which makes them extremely empathetic. With all these superior qualities, I would strongly suggest that these people have to go on creative field.

creative field

Animation, the creative field

Animation is only the industry where you can use your creativity to supervise the lighting, animation & story of video games, commercials, televisions shows or movies. Animation helps explore & develop ideas to implement them in reality. The animation course is for creative thinkers.

Key skills for animators

  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Artistic talent
  • Ability to meet deadlines given by the clients
  • Good imagination skills
  • A knack for storytelling
  • Must have a knowledge of computer & software skills

Why only Animation?

In today’s time, with the growth of digitization in India, the demand of animation courses are increasing rapidly. In other words, we can say that the demand of animators are showing hike day by day. Animation is important because it makes us be able to tell stories & communicate emotions & ideas in a unique way that both small children & adults can understand. After doing animation course from any animation institute, you are able to open many employment opportunities for yourself both in govt. sector or in private sector. It is very true to say that without animators no industry can run smoothly, effectively & efficiently.

Which career is best for a child born on 24 July Monday?
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Which career is best for a child born on 24 July Monday?
Which career is best for a child born on 24 July Monday?
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