Animation Boom


Essentiality and importance of multimedia in modern industry is increasing at alarming rate, with which increases the need for professional multimedia expert to cater the digital need of companies in various sectors of industry as advertising,academics,sports,life sciences, engineering, biotechnology research and development with various applications in Modern Methodology and spatial-temporal applications.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Multimedia is often called as the base of business world as it involves the creation of effective presentations using multimedia tools and presenting them in such a way that it involves high user interaction and user involvement. Advance knowledge of the same is provided in animation course which provides includes skills range from technical, to analytical, to creative.


As the name suggests multi+media, multi: many levels. media: mode of communication. Multimedia implies multiple modes of communication which make the user relate and essence the true structure of the object and provides ease in understanding.

Scope of Multimedia

Multimedia involves basic to advance skill set which ranges from creating an eye-catching image to a 3D format structure using a various form of design like animation, graphics, audio-visual.

Creative Industry

Advance multimedia is creatively used in entertainment, designing and fine arts industry .Giving designers scope of converting new innovating ideas into reality.