Which is better computer graphic or fundamentals of e commerce?

Computer graphic is used for processing image data from photos & video content. Computer graphics is responsible for displaying image data effectively & efficiently to the consumer. There are two kinds of computer graphics such as raster & vector. Raster means compositions of pixels whereas Vector means composition of shapes & paths.

Computer graphics

What do Computer Graphic do?

Computer graphics deals with design, creation, computation, manipulation & visualization of data. We can also control the intensity & color of the pixel of the images which we decide to look like for example rockets, helicopters , X-ray, MRI, CT scans, CAD, CAM, cars, bikes, & many more. Computer graphics can help you to increase your computer speed as well as gaming capacity.

Applications of Computer Graphics

  • Education – By using computer graphic you can create many educational models through which you are able to develop interest among the students regarding the subject.
  • Computer Aided Drawing – With the help of computer aided drawing, you can create designs of automobiles, buildings, aircraft & many more for producing more accurate & sharp drawings.
  • Entertainment – Computer Graphic are used for creating music video, motion pictures, cartoon animated films & serials.
  • Visualization – By the proper usage of Computer Graphics you can easily visualize the things which can be seen in many advance technologies, to check & study the behavior of processes around us.
  • Training – Creation of training modules by using computer graphics is simple & very useful.
  • Image Processing – As we know that various kinds of pics & images require editing & the processing of existing images into refined ones are also one of the computer graphics
  • Using computer graphics we can also create commercial & fine arts for designing object shapes & specify object motion.
  • Paintings, cartoon drawings, logo designs are also be done
  • For the preparations of reports, statistical, scientific, mathematical, economic data, bar graphs, pie charts & many more can be done by using the tools in computer graphics

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