Is it compulsory to know basic computer knowledge for learning web development course please answer?

Yes, it is compulsory that an aspirant should know the basic computer knowledge for doing web development course but simultaneously, to become a Web Developer, you should have an understanding HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, MediaQuery & JavaScript. Web Developers built those sites, making sure they functioned properly & performed in ways that allowed for a great user experience. Web development course is related to the job of designing the features & functionality of apps.

There are three main types of web development:

  • Front-End Development – In this, the developers mainly focuses on translating website design & visual ideas into coding. They usually possess a solid understanding of programming languages including HTML, CSS, Bootstrap & JavaScript. In other words, we can say that front-end web development refers to the portion of the site, app or digital product that users will see & interact with. The following are the front-end development jobs:
  • Front-End Developer
  • Front-End Engineer
  • HTML/CSS Web Developer
  • Front-End User Interface Developer
  • Front-End Web Designer
  • Front-End SEO Expert
  • Mobile Front-End Developer
Web development course
  • Back-End Web Development – It is responsible for building & maintaining the code that runs a website. This code connects the website to the server & also ensures that data flows properly to the website & the transactions are processed properly. JavaScript, PHP, Python, Golang & MySQL are the programming languages that are used by web developers.
  • Full-Stack Web Development – It covers both front-end & back-end responsibilities. Full-stack developer may be responsible for all facets of its development from the server side to the user interface. They are often responsible for identifying cutting-edge technologies, such as enhanced programming languages & blockchain that can be used to strength websites business capabilities.

Skills needed to do Web Development Course

The following are the skills which are needed to do web development course:

  • Programming Abilities
  • Creative thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Good imagination & presentation skills
  • Must have an ability to meet the deadlines given by the clients

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