Multimedia is content that uses  a combination of different content forms such as video, 3D animation,  images, text, audio, and interactive content. It motivates students to learn through audio video and 3d animation suport.

Inside the field of advertising, the multimedia performs an amazing and an important role. As whatever it is whether print or electronic advertisement, they first are prepared on the computer tables by using professionals’ software’s and then it is brought in front of the ultimate audiences.

In the area of education also, the multimedia has a extremely good importance. talking mainly about the schools, the education of multimedia is very important for youngsters also Students who are interested in learning about various types of media entertainment and technology such as film and interactive media, television, video production, journalism, studies computer animation can pursue the programme

The use of multimedia is also very much as in a publishing house there are many works of newspaper designing and other stuff also.

One of the most thrilling applications of multimedia is games. Nowadays the live internet is used to play gaming with multiple players has become famous.

IT Support/Helpdesk

Web Designer/Developer

Multimedia Designer

On-line publishing (editorial/design)

Software Developer/Programmer

Advertising manager

Creative director

Media director

Marketing or promotions manager

Product development manager

Market research manager

Public relations manager

Media analyst or strategist

Multimedia Careers in the Entertainment Industry

Degree in multimedia will offer you ocean of job opportunities in web designing, computer games designing, advertising graphics, animation and new media, video conferencing, sound experts, animators, authors/content providers, project managers and picture researchers, Media director, Marketing or promotions manager ,Product development manager, Market research manager ,Public relations manager, Media analyst or strategist Multimedia ,Careers in the Entertainment Industry

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