What is Graphic design?

Graphic design is an art of visual communication, using imaginary to convey information & message to a viewer. And a graphic designer is that person who creates the graphics for printed & published such as brochures, pamphlets, hoardings, magazines, reports, flex, visiting cards, posters, advertising & packaging designing. Graphic design is one way that companies & industries connect with consumers. Designs are used to promote & sell products & to develop a brand identity.

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What are the elements of Graphic design to creates the graphics?

The following are the basic elements or principles of Graphic design:

  • Line – This is an important element to creates the graphics of any design whether they are straight, curved, thin, thick, dashed, long & short, they connect any two points. They are useful for dividing the spaces.
  • Shape – It is also known as the combination of lines. It can be circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, ovals, etc. The color, style, background & texture of a shape can all influence the customer’s perception.
  • Color – Colors can be used in lines, shapes, typography or backgrounds. For example, green can represent nature, yellow can represent sun
  • Space – The spacing of the design is important because a layout that’s too crowded can overwhelm the viewer’s eye.
  • Texture – It is one of the elements of design that is used to represent how an object appears.
  • Typography – Designers used typography for to choose fonts with a shared characteristic to avoid the work looking confused.
  • Value – In design, value means lightness or darkness of a color. Designers can use the various values of color to create the illusion of mass & volume in their work.

Skills required to do Graphic designing course

If anyone is interested to do graphic designing course, then they must have the following skills

  • They must have a good knowledge of computer & its software
  • Creativity & good imagination
  • Always ready to welcome the new ideas given by the team members

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